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Convertor is a free and open source unit converter written in object pascal

So, why should you use Convertor?

There are many unit converters available free of charge. Why should you use Convertor?

  1. Why not? - Seriously, why not?
  1. Free - It is free. Free to download, free to use, and free to change if you want.
  1. Open source - The whole program is written in Free Pascal using the Lazarus widget set, so it is working on windows, mac, linux and whatever lazarus is running on.
  1. Self Contained - It is only one executable and one XML file containing all the unit conversion factors. After it is run for the first time it will create a short convertor.ini file where the executable is located. Thats it! No writing to the registry or other files scattered around the file system.
  1. No surprises - Convertor will not use the network to 'call home' or check for updates, and will not download patches or anything. It works and that's it. You are always welcome to check for newer versions ofcoarse!
  1. Simple to use - Once you get the hang of it, it is simple to use. It is based on two concepts:
  1. Minimal - Convertor is designed to be minimal so as not to get in the way, it is just a helper program after all. Use it 'on top' of other programs, and hide it when not in use. It is possible to hide or even auto-hide the unit list after picking, it is true minimalism..